How MW Tim Atkin rates our wine…

Sep 19, 2018 | #SecretsofSauvignon, Blog, Wine

Five Black Oystercatcher wines have been awarded Medals of Excellence by British Master of Wine, Tim Atkin.

And our Secrets of Sauvignon blanc wines feature among the five.

(These are 3 wines we crafted from our 3 very different soil types – all in an attempt to better understand where the complexity of our Sauvignon blanc originates.)

So here are the scores:

  • Black Oystercatcher Broken Shale Sauvignon Blanc (2017): 93
  • Black Oystercatcher Iron Ferricrete Sauvignon Blanc (2017) 93
  • Black Oystercatcher Quartzite Sauvignon Blanc (2017): 91
  • Black Oystercatcher Sauvignon Blanc (2017): 90
  • Black Oystercatcher White Pearl (2016): 93


Tim stopped by at the Black Oystercatcher in June this year – and tasted our wines (along with other Elim Wine Route wines).

In general, Tim (who is also a well-known wine journalist) is impressed by the quality of South African wines he tasted this year.

While the 2015 vintage rates among one of the best, he reckons the 2017 vintage for some of the white wines are in some instances every bit as good.

Wine News

Our cool-climate wines

Grown in the cool tip of Africa winds

At the Black Oystercatcher Wines, we produce top quality wines of a world-class standard. Our grapes, grown in the cool tip of Africa winds in the Elim wine ward, are smaller than usual – with more intense flavours as a result.

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