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Explore the Agulhas Plain on your bike



Explore the Agulhas Plain on your bike

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Get active and experience our beautiful area on your bicycle.

The Black Oystercatcher is situated 27 km from Bredasdorp, 43 km from Struisbaai/LÁgulhas and 51 km from Gansbaai.

Black Oystercatcher Cycling Routes

When staying over in our Cottages, or if you are just visiting for the day, try out our 5 cycling routes. All the Black Oystercatcher Cycling Routes begin at the Black Oystercatcher Wines.

For private single cycling tracks, please enquire.

Advanced Cycling Routes

Cab Merlot

84.36 km. Elevation: 654 m

bike_map_2 From BOC entrance turn left; 8.15 km right towards Gansbaai; 9.22 km right towards Napier; 16.92 km right towards Napier; 19.29 km left; 27.24 km right towards Sandys Glen, 39.46 km right, 40.4 km left at Guesthouse; 45.32 km right; 48.12 km right; 49.49 km right towards Elim; 64.81 km left towards Blomkloof; 69.04 km straight through Spanjaardskloof; 72.74 km towards Elim; 75.11 km left at Elim Dairy; 76.19 km left towards Bredasdorp; 84.36 km arrive to BOC.


95.3 km. Elevation: 629 m

cycling From BOC entrance turn right; 720 m turn right towards Wolvengat; 15.24 km turn left; 20.16 km turn right towards Pearly Beach; 28.38 km turn right towards Bbos; 32.43 km turn left towards Bbos, 44.27 km turn right towards Avoka; 61 km turn right towards Sandy’s Glen; 67.98 km turn right; 75.96 km turn right towards Elim; 78.33 km turn left towards Elim, 86.04 km turn left at Elim Dairy; 87.1 km left towards Bredasdorp; 95.30 km arrive at BOC.

Average Cycling Routes

Sauvignon Blanc

49.87 km. Elevation: 195 m

bike_map_3 From BOC entrance turn right; 3.25 km left towards Bredasdorp; 14.96 km left towards Blomkloof; 32.99 km left at Kersgat; 40.19 km left towards Elim; 40.62 km left at Elim Dairy; 41.7 km left towards Bredasdorp; 49.87 km arrive at BOC.

White Pearl

57.7 km. Elevation: 273 m

bike_map_4 From BOC entrance turn left; 8.15 km right towards Gansbaai; 24.7 km left towards Pearly Beach; 28.74 km left towards Viljoenshof; 48.85 km right towards Wolvengat; 56.4 km left towards Elim; 57.7 km arrive at BOC.

Easy Gravel Routes


35.97 km. Elevation: 195 m

bike_map_5 From BOC entrance turn right; 720 m right towards Wolvengat; 15.24 km right towards Elim; 27.8 km right towards Bredasdorp; 35.97 km arrive at BOC.

So easy to stay over

We have accommodation available on the farm (4 self-catering cottages) – ideal for friends and family. Bring the family and make a weekend of your visit.

Our News

Our Waterscapes

#Waterscapes: The natural wonder of the Agulhas Plain

You depend on water – it’s the basis of life. The same goes for the Black Oystercatcher. But – because of our unique setting, we depend on an intricate water network. We don’t just turn on a tap. We connect with a vast water system that must function fully.

Because our #waterscapes are at the heart of our existence, we’re highlighting these natural wonders of the Agulhas Plain. It’s a tribute to our corner of earth in the Overberg – and the life-giving systems you’ll find here.

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