It’s a year-long quest – to uncover the secrets captured in the complexity of the Black Oystercatcher Sauvignon blanc.

This is the new adventure that founder and winemaker Dirk Human has undertaken. Called ‘the Secrets of Sauvignon’, his aim is to include wine lovers in the process of better understanding what gives the wines their intense flavours, textures and aromas.

Dirk will be making three different Sauvignon blancs off the three main soil types found in the region. The Black Oystercatcher vineyards grow on marginal soils – made up of broken shale, quartzite and iron ferrocrete (known as koffie klip).

Each of these soil types provides a unique and different flavour. Now Dirk will be testing these different flavours, and how they combine in the Black Oystercatcher Sauvignon blanc.

The 2016 Sauvignon blanc was released recently – with the minerality notable in the wine. The complexity of these cool-climate wines are particularly clear in the Reserve Range.


According to Dirk, “This is something that’s not been tried in our area before. So I’m excited to see the results. It’s a quest – where we want readers and wine lovers to join us every step of the way. And then to judge the results for themselves when the three wines are ready.”


The Black Oystercatcher will put out regular updates on the steps, and involve readers in the process.

The three wines will be available at the Black Oystercatcher Tasting Room, or to Wine Club members.