So why have we opted to redesign our Black Oystercatcher brand now? 

We, the Human family, have been farming at Cape Agulhas for generations. And the last ten years – since we launched our Black Oystercatcher Wines – have been particularly special. So having lived our dream for the past decade, we thought it a good time to celebrate our partnership with you.

We’ve done this by changing our label and logo to now include two Black Oystercatcher birds on the abundant plains of Cape Agulhas. These beautiful birds are not only special because they’re increasingly threatened. They also pair for life – in a partnership based on trust and cooperation. This closely captures the relationships that we, as the Human family, care for: between man and nature, food and wine, friends and family, and between you and us.

Our new look also embodies the extreme growing conditions and unique geology of our Cape Agulhas region. The four soil types found here are diverse, and distinctive to this region. And, together with the cool coastal winds, they are responsible for the concentrated fruit flavours and distinctive minerality found in our grapes, and ultimately our wines. These four soil types have now been included as a feature on our label.

We believe it’s a label and a new look that symbolises our unique countryside, our distinctive wines from the cool tip of Africa, and the value we place in partnerships. We hope you agree.