It may be chilly in the Overberg currently; but the icy winter is good for the vines.

According to Vineyard Manager, Alfred (Kanna) Williams, it’s decidedly colder this year in the vineyards than experienced in recent years. Temperatures in early July went below freezing – quite unusual for the most southerly tip of Africa.

But Kanna says the chilly conditions are good for the vineyards. Warmer temperatures have the ability to disrupt the normal vine cycle, which should now be in winter dormancy, as vineyards acclimatise for winter.



He says as long as temperatures don’t drop below the critical level, vines can move into deeper dormancy as it gets colder.

The region is also still a bit drier than in previous years. But he says recent rains have certainly helped the vineyards, which were looking dry just over a month ago. He says, “But we’re hoping for more rains in July and August.”