willempieWillempie Pietersen joined the Black Oystercatcher team in 2012. He is a dedicated worker and takes great pride in his work. He is always eager to learn something new and he shows great interest in understanding why certain activities take place in the cellar.

We thus thought it wise to send him on the SKOP courses. The SKOP courses were established 24 years ago with the aim to broaden the knowledge of the cellar workers and enable them to be more proficient in the cellar. Willempie has recently just completed his SKOP 2 course and we are very proud of him for passing it with 64% and achieving his highest score of 75% in the Maths Literacy section. Definitely a numbers man!

There are 3 SKOP courses and he will be completing the 3rd and final course in September. We are holding thumbs for you Willempie!