The Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA in Association with the Agulhas Plain Birding project, Overberg Crane Group, Strandveld Vineyards and the Black Oystercatcher

is proud to be hosting the Agulhas Plains first ever



A planned birding day and guided tour of the farms within the Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area, which includes refreshments and a prize giving! The event focuses on finding the elusive Hottentot Buttonquail – aiding us in building up our knowledge of this species, which would assist our conservation efforts in the area. What’s more, you’ll enjoy an organized fun-filled day showing off what the Overberg has to offer for birding enthusiasts.


Itinerary for Saturday 08 April 2017

06:00: Meet at the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA office for a quick introduction, routes and dividing into groups (includes coffee, tea and rusks).

06:15: Set out in your own vehicle with team leaders to the most lucrative Hottentot Buttonquail areas within the Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area and start surveying. This entails 4-10 birders walking in a straight line through the veld for 2-4 km. So be prepared for thorns and ticks and come with comfortable shoes, water and sunscreen.

09:00: Search for buttonquail is over and group leaders will continue to drive around privately owned (not accessible to public) farms to find other interesting birds of the Overberg.

12:30: Head to the Black Oystercatcher Restaurant for prize giving where you can have some lunch after a ‘hard days’ birding.


Booking is ESSENTIAL and the fee per person is R130. This fee includes entrance to the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA, a guide, refreshments and all profits go to the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA ‘Bird Hide Fund’. Email Erica Brink to make your booking at


Why not make a weekend out of it? Stay at the Strandveld Vineyards or the Black Oystercatcher cottages, both members of the Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area.

And taste the local wine and beer made right here in Elim.

Strandveld Vineyards :

Black Oystercatcher: