Celebrating Heritage Day in the Overberg has never been easier – or more fun. The Black Oystercatcher Wines will light the fires on 24 September, to not only unite South Africans around a braai, but to promote a unique conservation initiative set in the Overberg.

The 24th of September is known as the day where South Africans together celebrate the country’s rich cultures and beliefs, and the diversity found within one nation.

In the Overberg, these celebrations will take place along a 1km stretch of land, in the biodiversity-rich Agulhas Plain, at the Black Oystercatcher Wines. Through Braai Day preparations, an area is cleared of invasive alien plants, as part of the ongoing conservation activities in the region. The alien trees are then used as firewood for the individuals and companies that come together around the Black Oystercatcher’s fire.

According to Black Oystercatcher Founder, Dirk Human, Heritage Day allows South Africans to unite around a fire, and to get to know each other better with a glass of wine and a great feast. “For us, it’s a day where we relax around a braai, enjoy each other’s company, connect with old and new friends, and create an entertaining day for the whole family.”

The Heritage Day-activities also raise funds for the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area, a unique conservation initiative that is merging sustainable farming and conservation. The Nuwejaars Wetland SMA works to protect the critical Nuwejaars Wetland ecosystem. The initiative has reintroduced the first buffalo and hippo to the Agulhas Plain, since they became extinct around 200 years ago. The venture is also home to many bontebok, once threatened with extinction.

Braai Day at the Black Oystercatcher has also become an opportunity for businesses and companies to enjoy a day out of work together. Companies brand their stands, showcasing their business to visitors to the area. Braaiers will be entertained by The Professors, who’ll be performing during the day.

Through the Black Oystercatcher’s Braai Day, 4 people will also win a trip to see the Nuwejaars Wetland SMA’s hippo and buffalo – currently not open to the public. They will also stay at accommodation in the SMA.