Southern Overberg Botanical Society Celebration at Black Oystercatcher 

On the 25th of June 2013 the Southern Overberg Botanical Society has the Centenary Celebration here at Black Oystercatcher. What a privilege it was to be among so many  people with a passion for this area and its flora.
More about the Botanical Society.

“You have probably had a message from the Society but I wanted to add my personal thanks to you and the rest of the staff. You did a really wonderful job for us on Tuesday both before and during the event. The room looked lovely, the service was quick without seeming hurried and everyone was relaxed and cheerful. The occasion was a great success and I hope it brings you a few more customers! I look forward to visiting you for lunch again soon, without quite so many companions.” Lyn Hawkins

Thank you to Sharon Brink for sharing her photos.