Agulhas National Park and Black Oystercatcher Wines – connecting to society


VOL 5 • NR 2 • January 2015.

The Human family of Black Oystercatcher (BO) Wines has a special connection with the Agulhas National Park. They have sold a special holiday site that was in the family for about 44 years to SANParks in 2001. This site is where the Agulhas Rest Camp is today. Black Oystercatcher Wines recently redesigned their label, logo and look to better capture the essence of who they are and the partnerships they value and foster. The new look now includes two Black Oystercatcher birds on the abundant plains of Cape Agulhas. These special birds pair for life, in a relationship based on the strengths of any good partnership – cooperation, trust and commitment. Agulhas NP values this approach and sees Black Oystercatcher Wines as an important partner in this relationship, as also reflected in Black Oystercatcher’s involvement in the Nuwejaars Special

Management Area. The elements, according to which the new logo was designed, also reflect those which Agulhas NP wants to conserve for all South Africans and the rest of the world. They are: the unique climate and geology of the Cape Agulhas region; the four diverse soil types found here and which are distinctive to this region. Together with the cool coastal winds, they are responsible for the concentrated fruit flavours and distinctive minerality found in the grapes, and ultimately the wines. The Human family, has been farming at Cape Agulhas for generations the last ten years – since the launch of Black Oystercatcher Wines – have been particularly special. Agulhas NP wishes Black Oystercatcher the best for 2015 and to stretch their horizons further.

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