Congratulations to the winner of our Romantic Weekend GIVEAWAY competition.

Lente Loubser receives a two-night stay at our Black Oystercatcher Cottages, an all-inclusive lunch at the Black Oystercatcher Restaurant, and a bottle of our newly-released 2012 Methode Cap Classique. 

The competition formed part of our Black Oystercatcher wedding celebration during the month of love – and to capture the life-long partnerships of the Black Oystercatcher birds. These incredible birds will over their 35-year lifespan select only one mate with whom they will spend their lives.

In the spirit of this commitment, the Black Oystercatcher Wedding Venue offers the ideal setting for couples to exchange their wedding vows – in a secluded country milieu, among the lush vineyards close to the southernmost tip of Africa. The Black Oystercatcher team will ensure an unforgettable and stress-free day for the bride, groom, family and friends.

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