The Black Oystercatcher is revamping the entrance to the Restaurant – with a new steel structure representing the new BOC logo and label. The structure will showcase the four soil types found in our region on the Agulhas Plain, which together with the area’s cool coastal winds form the small and fruity grapes.

The structure will be placed on the floor at the Restaurant’s main doors. When completed, it’ll show visitors the four layers of the Plain’s coastal shelf, formed more than 900 million years ago. Visitors will be able to see up close the broken shale, cool iron Ferro Crete and the quartzite soil that the vines grow in. The structure will also showcase the two Black Oystercatcher birds.

The BOC recently launched its new logo – designed with Anthony Lane Design Consultancy. The aim was to better showcase the region’s unique geology and climate. The soils of the Plain are marginal, and growing conditions are often extreme, together playing an important role in the grapes being smaller and therefore with more intense fruit flavours.

The structure will be completed for visitors to see in the coming days.