“We’ve got some tips for you on how to braai your sirloin steak Black Oystercatcher-style – from start (lighting the fire), to finish (enjoying the result). It’s all part of our heart-warming winter recipe – marinaded Venison Sirloin Steak. The recipe works just as well for other kinds of steak.”

Enjoy with


This #WinterWarmer recipe works really well with our Black Oystercatcher Triton. We think it’s because of the dark fruits, prominent white pepper, and remarkable minerality that’s so unique to our cool-climate region. And don’t forget to top this off with dark chocolate.




For the marinade: 

Half a red Chili Pepper

A handful of fresh Coriander

A handful of fresh Thyme

Two cloves of Garlic

Two sprigs of Rosemary

A tablespoon of Soya Sauce

Olive oil

And then: A hearty sirloin steak (or a cut of your choice) 

For the braai: Rosemary – thrown on to the coals to ensure a rosemary-infused flavour

Salt and pepper to taste – added while the meat is on the fire




Roughly chop the ingredients for the marinade and add the Soya Sauce and olive oil. Rub this onto the meat, and leave the steak to marinade in the mixture for a day or two.

Once the steak is on the fire, add the salt and pepper. And to ensure a rosemary-infused flavour, throw a few sprigs on the coals below the braaiing meat. Once off the fire, let the meat rest for a few minutes before cutting it.