“Harvest is such an amazing time here on the farm and the buzz of activity makes everyone feel part of the action.”


lineAdd 4 cups of cake flour to the grape juice until the fermentation process begins.

Melt the margarine and add all the ingredients, except for the milk, until well combined.

Knead the very stiff dough by passing it through a meat mincer twice. Allow to rise overnight.

Form small balls and pack into bread tins and allow rising to double the size.

Bake @ 140˚C to light brown.

Serve with real farm butter or dry for some amazing rusks.



“Also very special is that we are able to bake the age-old traditional “Mosbolletjies”, a sweet bread, traditionally made with fermented grape juice and flavoured with aniseed. The texture is soft and feathery and there is just nothing better than this freshly baked delight with real butter and homemade preserves.”



5 Kg Cake Flour

1,5 L Fermenting Grape Juice

(on 14ºB sugar level)

500g Margarine

1 Kg Sugar

1 E Salt

1 E Aniseed

2 Eggs