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CapeWine visitors: Welcome to the Western Cape, and in particular to CapeWine 2018.

As the Black Oystercatcher, we look forward to connecting with you at Africa’s largest wine trade show.

What you need to know about the Black Oystercatcher at CapeWine2018.

You’ll find us at the Cape Town International Convention Centre – in the exhibitor space at stand number A1.

So if you enter the hall, we’re on the left hand side, against the wall, at the far end of the room.

Here you’ll meet our founder and winemaker, Dirk Human.

Set up a meeting with Dirk Human

Please contact Dirk on taste@blackoystercatcher.co.za or 028 482 1618.

Dirk started living his dream to become a winemaker in 1998, when he planted vineyards on the family farm close to the most southerly tip of Africa.

In so doing, he became one of the pioneers to establish vineyards in the maritime ward of Elim. Find out how Dirk went about bringing the Black Oystercatcher brand to life, here.


Today the Black Oystercatcher, as a boutique winery, produces around 80,000 bottles of wine (including our reserve range) – making the wines truly exclusive.

The Black Oystercatcher is situated close to Africa’s southernmost tip. So we’re a cool-climate wine area – with cool winds off the sea crafting our small, fruit-flavoured berries.

What’s more, our vineyards grow on four unique soil types – each resulting in its own flavour profile in the grapes.

So our Black Oystercatcher wines are unique, formed by our special terroir.


The result? We produce five cool-climate wines:


Black Oystercatcher Sauvignon Blanc

Black Oystercatcher White Pearl

Black Oystercatcher Rosé

Black Oystercatcher Cabernet Merlot

Black Oystercatcher Triton

We also produce a range of reserve wines: the Blanc Fumé, the Noble Late, Wild Ferment and the Méthode Cap Classique.

Our reserve range wines are only available from the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm.

In 2017, we tried something pretty unique:
To unlock the Secrets of Sauvignon in our special region.

Dirk made three different Sauvignon blancs off our three most prominent marginal soils.
Now the wines have been bottled, and are ready.


We’ve created the:

– Black Oystercatcher Broken Shale Sauvignon Blanc

– Black Oystercatcher Iron Ferricrete Sauvignon Blanc

– Black Oystercatcher Quartzite Sauvignon Blanc


For more, follow our Secrets of Sauvignon steps here.

‘Hannuwa’ at the Black Oystercatcher:

Living in balance with nature is an essential part of our philosophy. So we work the land with the least possible interference.

Our southernmost corner of Africa is also special for the wildlife and flora that live here. So we’ve dedicated our land to conservation. Learn how here.

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Our cool-climate Wines

Our ethical standards

Our winery and cellar is audited and certified by the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) – showing our commitment to ethical, labour and environmental standards of best practice.

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