At the Black Oystercatcher Winery, we produce top quality wines of a world-class standard. Our grapes, grown in the cool tip of Africa winds in the Elim wine ward, are smaller than usual - with more intense flavours as a result (see Vineyards for more). Once the grapes are ripe, they are handpicked, and worked with in the softest possible way. At Black Oystercatcher Winery, we operate according to our wine-making philosophy: working the land with the least possible interference in the most natural way.

Black Oystercatcher boutique wines have accumulated numerous awards since they were launched. The 2005 Sauvignon Blanc was rated under the top 10 wines at the WineX exhibition in 2005. The 2006 White Pearl was rated under the top 50 white blends in South Africa by Caroline's Fine Wine. Decanter magazine also recently commissioned wine connoisseur Christian Eedes to review the wines produced by the Elim wine growers. He rated the Black Oystercatcher 2008 White Pearl as a 4-star highly recommended wine.
Full details. Given the cool climate of the southern-most wine ward, this region is an ideal Sauvignon Blanc production area. The cool breeze also ensures a naturally low pH level in the grapes - ideal for the ageability of the white wines. Only free run juice has been used in the making of the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, ensuring the best quality. Cold fermentation and three separate selective handpickings were used to add to the complexity and flavour of the wine. Buy online.
Full Details. The White Pearl 2010 is a distinctive wine - full-bodied, yet crisp. It is an aged Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc blend, with the Semillon handpicked, fermented and aged in 100 percent French oak barrels, and the Sauvignon Blanc selected from full ripe handpicked grapes. Buy online.
Full details. The 2013 Rosé is a blend of 71% Merlot and 29% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Both portions of this blend are picked at an early stage, moderate skin contact given and only the free-run juice used with a cold fermentation technique. Buy online.
Full details. Both the varietals of this blend are handpicked and gently de-stemmed. They're fermented, matured and aged independently in French oak barrels for 16 months and then meticulously blended. It is then bottle-aged for another 12 months. Buy online.
Full details. A blend of Black Oystercatcher Cabernet Sauvignon, Black Oystercatcher Merlot and Black Oystercatcher Shiraz. The combination offers remarkable minerality, and a long finish. Buy online.
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Elim investigated

"The striking feature of Elim whites is how pure the fruit and bright the acidities. Although very good already, there was a feeling that as the vines became older and producers gained greater understanding of their terroir, the wines would only gain in flavour concentration and palate weight making them even better."

**** and a half
Black Oystercatcher White Pearl 2009 (17)

Black Oystercatcher Blanc Fumé 2009 (16.2)

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Reviewed by Elaine Matthee
24 August 2012 at 14:04
"Friendly service & lovely restaurant – food is great!"

Reviewed by Anel Grobler 2 April 2012 at 17:25
"This Black Oystercatcher is so pumped out they even have a pool where guest can cool off in! What I really liked about this place was the unpretentious beauty that it displayed."

Reviewed by Maggie Mostert
19 June 2011 at 20:25
"Beautiful estate; love the setting. White Bordeaux blend is very nice!"

Reviewed by Hennie Coetzee
19 March 2010 at 22:36
"Friendly place with good wines. Worth a visit."

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Spit or Swallow


BLACK OYSTERCATCHER WINES – not just for the Bird-watchers!


"The first aromas that jumped out of the glass were green pepper, herbaceousness and figs. The palate is well- balanced with tropical fruit, minerality and a crisp finish."

WHITE PEARL 2008 (Semillon / Sauvignon)

"I loved this wine for the subtle richness from the wood and the perfect partnering between the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Gentle floral, honeycomb and creaminess showed on the nose. The creaminess came through on the palate with a lingering finish of lemon grass. A real food wine – I would pair this with stronger game-fish and Asian inspired dishes."

ROSE 2009 (Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot)

"Cranberry aromas and a slight minerality on the nose. The dry palate shows pomegranate and berry flavours. Perfect for lunch time!"

"Very special wines from a very special place!"

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BLACK OYSTERCATCHER WINES – not just for the Bird-watchers!

Reviews: Red Wines


"The first thing you noticed is the intense colour of the wine. Aromas of dark berries, pencil shavings and fynbos show on the nose. This wine is smooth and has clean berry flavours on the palate. A perfect marriage of masculine Cab and feminine Merlot. This was voted the crowd-pleaser of the line-up!"

TRITON 2007 (Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Shiraz)

The big boy of the wines! Spicy, smokiness with hints of tobacco leaf. The palate is very velvety and flavours of plum and spiciness linger for a long time. This wine is very complex and shows a different layer with every sip. Loved it!"

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Sauvignon Blanc 2010.

"Great mineral and Elim green figs. Fresh clean mouthfeel with refreshing acidity."

"Lemon and lime flavours with green fig in the finish. Very nice wine!"

"Pleasant Sauvignon Blanc. Classic cooler climate characteristics."

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Our winery and cellar is audited and certified by the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) and by the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) - showing our commitment to ethical, labour and environmental standards of best practice. As part of our sustainable wine production, we use renewable energy (wind turbines and solar panels) in the making of our wines. The Black Oystercatcher's land has been dedicated to conservation.

The property forms part of the
Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area(SMA), the first venture of its kind in the country.
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